Performance by Agnes Fabich and Franziska Guggenbichler Beck
Kino Babylon Berlin
10. Dezember 2016, 24:00h

An opera silent movie production by Cinema Cantabile

Cinema Cantabile developed this unique format, which combines opera and cinema. This time the filmmakers deal with one of the most multi-layered oeuvres in music history: “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Don Giovanni returns to his village and the story about passion, obsession and honour takes its course. All the characters on the screen do not talk or sing by themselves. Opera singers who are present in the cinema hall synchronize the silent lip movements.
For this performance, the pianist Richard Siedhoff will elaborate a special composition which is based on the music of Mozart’s opera.
It is up to the audience to decide whether it is the screen or the live music who is telling the truth.

Mezzosoprano: Marielou Jacquard
Bass: Andreas Neher
Piano: Richard Siedhoff

Don Giovanni: Tobias Frandell, Zerlina: Sabina Koggdal, Leporello: Johan Norström, Father: Leif A Jansson, Anna: Emelie Henningsson

Further performances:
9.12.2017 at Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi,
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14.10.2017 at Lanserhaus, Eppan, South Tyrol, Italy
Soprano: Sophia Andrich
Baritone: Michael Feichter
Piano: Richard Siedhoff

18.08.2018 at Rådhusparken, Jönköping, Sweden
Soprano: Annika Liljenroth
Baritone: Pär Nilsén
Piano: Michael Cohen-Weißert