tarpaulin walls (archive behind)


exhibition views


exhibition design by architectural practice Andreas Lechthaler/ collaboration with Agnes Fabich
Hayward Gallery, London
07.09.- 09.12.2012

The exhibition design for ART OF CHANGE features an archive that reflects the development of contemporary installation and performance art from China. The digital archive consists of different videos, photographs and texts from the last 30 years. It is located behind large, thin walls made of tarpaulin. These white tarpaulin walls are about two meters advanced from the "real" gallery walls. The design proposes to position the archive inside the exhibition architecture. In that way, the exhibition design can function as a shell for a second context. It is up to the visitor if he likes to see the art works independently or if he also passes through the exhibition walls and incorporates the archive in his perception of the exhibition.

ART OF CHANGE is curated by Stephanie Rosenthal.