scenography and concept of the exhibition
by Agnes Fabich and Anja Kerschkewicz
Oper Frankfurt/ Bockenheimer Depot
debut performance: 10.10.2010

The music performance INNENLEBEN is a staged exhibition about flight, asylum and deportation in Europe today. The scenography is inspired by the appearance of large-scale public exhibitions. For example, the exhibition has a foyer, white exhibition walls, a small cinema, seating areas and platforms exhibiting pseudo-realistic interiors. Connecting the architecture of an exhibition with performances around a topic of marginal publicity, I wanted to provoke a dispute about the public interest in people without any lobby.

The scenography provides a space where the visitor can be independent in his own movements and can decide by himself which of the simultaneous music-theatrical performances he would like to see. The different types of displays also enable different kinds of performances.

composition: Eunsun Lee, Calogero Scanio, Anno Schreier
conducting: Lennart Dohms, Volker Perplies, Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer
directing: Alexander Charim, Nelly Danker, Kami Manns, Sophia Simitzis
dramaturgy: Minou Arjomand, Bernhard F. Loges
production: Dorka Batizi, Thomas Eisenträger

Innenleben is a cooperative project between the Oper Frankfurt and the Deutschen Bank Stiftung.