performance and exhibition by Agnes Fabich and Stefanie Knobel
performance: Von-Bernus-Park, Frankfurt am Main, 10. - 11.9. 2010
exhibition: Festival Junger Talente, Frankfurt am Main, 17. - 19.9. 2010

Nature documentary films generate knowledge about nature. NATURFILM, which strictly is not a film but a performance, reconstructs a nature documentary film with a performer in an urban park which is amplified by daylight-floodlights and microphones. Because of the movement of the camera, the editing and the use of sound and language (and other means), nature documentary films are highly artificial. The performance NATURFILM applies these cinematic methods and transports them into the urban park. Language and movement generate relations between animals, humans and plants. The animal becomes a human, the human becomes a text, the text becomes a body and the body becomes a question.
NATURFILM takes place in the Von-Bernus-Park in Frankfurt. There is a small lake, some trees and a big lawn with green, un-mown grass. The electric power supply of the performance functions through wiretapping the line of a neighbouring house. The park itself has no electric lightning, no flowerbeds and no memorials. In the background you can see Frankfurt's high-rise buildings. NATURFILM begins in the evening, ten minutes before twilight. The daylight-floodlights (HDI-light) are switched on permanently. Consequently, the light of the park turns from natural to artificial but keeps the same wavelengths during the performance, apart from the surroundings that are turning dark. The audience is sitting outside the illuminated space. Loudspeakers amplify the sounds of the leaves of the trees or the ducks in the water via contact microphones. These sounds now blend with the ambient urban noises such as cars. Botanical lexika are the sources the text. A performer in a yellow raincoat constantly moves through the illuminated space and speaks.

Performer: Stefanie Knobel, Technique: Jost von Harleßem,
Project Collaborator: Anja Sauer
Download PDF: Review Fabian Saner (in German)

Kindly supported by the Kulturamt Gießen, the Hessische Theaterakademie and ID_Frankfurt / Independent Dance.